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Dear Ms May,

Re: Retrospective Planning Application 1/1041/2015/FULM

I am writing to object to the retrospective application for the huge slurry lagoon at Beckland Farm.

This industrial development is far too big and is out of keeping with the area. The land, local roads and lanes are not able to support an enterprise of the scale that would require such a vast slurry lagoon.

The fact that this vast lagoon was built in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) without first getting permission is testament to the disregard the applicant has for the environment and the community.

The need for the lagoon exists only because there are 1000+ cows held at Beckland Farm. The applicant has already demonstrated his inability to avoid repeated pollution of the area from the vast amount of slurry produced.

The only reasonable solution is for the number of cows to be reduced to levels that the area can properly sustain. There would then be no need for the lagoon. There is no economic or social need for this kind of mega-diary in Hartland or indeed anywhere.

Hartland is designated as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and it is under threat from the scale of this development which, if allowed, will continue to damage the livelihoods, health and amenity of the residents and visitors to Hartland.

I beleive there are serious animal welfare issues with this kind of farming. While this may not be a 'planning issue' I would ask the Council to consider its moral duty to stop this unneccessary kind of farming.

The community of Hartland does not want this development. Its many visitors do not want it. And the wider community does not want it.

There can be no justification for a slurry lagoon of these dimensions at this location and I urge the Council to reject this application.

Yours sincerely,